GCDC on the Julian Eggebrecht Keynote

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The title was “No sex, no drugs and little Rock’n Roll”.

Synopsis :
Why does everybody point the finger at games, for things you can do in cinema ?

There where videos from the movies “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Clockwork Orange” and “Last Tango in Paris”.

I will not write here about the usual problems about the ratings. The problem that games ratings seem to lack the fine grading of movies. About the problem everyone seems to have with violence (especially in Germany) or sex (especially in the US) in games.
In people’s heads computer games are kids stuff. Thats a fact for now.
But people in the industry think of games as art. As a possibility for expression. And J.E. thinks that too, as do I.
But where I differ from him is the way we could get that into people’s heads. He thinks we should push the boundaries of violence and sex. I don’t thing this will help, much.
I think it is more important to find our own way of expression as game developers.
And this doesn’t mean to make the next still more realistic shooter.
Let’s stop being boring and find new things to do. Sure sex and violence are part of life, but they are not the only things.
How can it be that the gaming industry is just around 30 years old and there is almost no experimenting ? Everybody just tries to be more realistic.
I am happy Bioshock tried to shake it up a little with the Little Sisters nobody wants to kill. And actually I am glad the hot coffee discussions started. At least something new is happening.
I long for games that mirror the crazy painted stages of the “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” one of the highlights of German expressionistic film making (see the “Queen of the Damned” Lestate videos for a quick intro). But I also like things like “Mary Poppins” with the carousel and the bright colors in hideaway fantasy land.
We can render worlds nobody has seen yet and still we try to just mimic reality more closely.
We should push the boundaries in our heads. We should make things that interest adults too. Let’s open more fields of discussion that the usual two.

Found this article today on Heise, Telepolis (sorry German only) : http://www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/26/26059/1.html , which also discusses the J.E. keynote.