Gamehotel Zürich

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I am sorry no pictures. I took my camera with me, but there was nothing to photograph. Some XBoxes some PCs, that was the expo. The games where mostly family friendly. There was a FPS corner, with mostly Crysis. Huh ?

I didn’t go to the presentation, 272 SFr. for some mildly interesting advertisement presentations was too much for my small company. I rather blow my “conference” budget on the next GCDC or the Entwicklertage in Berlin.

I also didn’t go to the show. Probably the actual highlight of this 2 day whatever. But the expo didn’t give me much confidence and the price of 40 SFr. was hefty to.

I played Civ4 until 2 o’clock in the morning. Much more entertainment value ;-).

Crysis is cool, by the way. I am famously incompetent to play shooters, but Crysis is most definitely cool. I blew up everything I could, especially the gas station, big explosion, ceiling coming down, cool :-).
And I used barrels to not get shot, actually pretty effective, because I cannot move and shoot. Yes, I know, how very girly of me.
But I am a good UI tester, because it is almost impossible to have a badder hand eye coordination and innate incapability to navigate a game world, than I have.