Got my EReader

Yesterday I was poked about my lack of posts. Since the project tool thingy is too serious, we will have a little entertainment piece about my new shiny gadget as a filler.
I got me an EReader, the Nokia N800 to be exact. At Nokia HQ they call it internet tablet. But they got it wrong. It is a nearly perfect EReader, with a sharp, crisp touch screen and long battery life. It reads txt, html, pdf and everything else you may have lying around. Because it is Linux based, Debian to be exact, there is a broad development base and stuff gets ported fairly fast.
So even if Nokia tries not to tell people how great this thing can work as an EReader or PDA, because it is an internet tablet, really believe them, people port stuff anyway.
It has some great iphony media players too.
But the whole thing is actually made to be used with your fingers. You can navigate through your pdf with your fingers. Nice easy interface, great for reading books.
Bluetooth + python make this a programming platform. You need Bluetooth for the keyboard, because the screen keyboard is not really usable for more than a few notes.
It has a camera, not a good one, but it works, especially for Skype which is hyped by Nokia, because of the internet and so.
Why not the N810 ? Here in Heidiland the 810 is double the price which puts it price point too high and this for a keyboard and GPS. Built-in-Keyboard could be nice, but using a real Bluetooth keyboard is probably still better, because you can put it on a hard surface and prop the tablet up to have a laptop like configuration. The N810 has a Thumbboard and I am slightly too old for the SMS generation, my thumbability is not really great.
It has some problems too. The touchscreen can get unresponsive sometimes. This seems to be because something in the background hogs resources. Nokia’s insistence of this being an internet device means that software not conforming to this is more or less homegrown with the usual problems. Nothing you cannot solve, if you are a nerd and you know your Linux, but non-nerdy people may have problems getting the device to do things Nokia does not officially sanction. To get the PIM working is a pain in the ass and I still can’t get the build-in nor the downloaded contact app to import my addresses correct. My rather stupid Nokia phone (not one of the shiny top of the range ones) can do something with ease, which my fully fledged tablet computer cannot, even after a lot of fiddeling around.
I will get there, but I wish it could be just an easy export from Windows or Thunderbird, import and finished procedure and not a write python app process.
But it is cool, get yourself one.
Did I mention, it has WiFi too and inbuilt speakers. So listening music and reading books slouching on the couch has never been easier and more fun.