Tools I used to use, part 2 : task management

I should not announce articles. It jinxes them. I fell of my task planner. The software is still cool, but I don’t use it anymore, maybe it will help you.
It is a single person, open source easy to use, easy to export, no frills task planner from Abstract Spoon. The nice thing is, that it doesn’t open a new window, if I just want to add a new task. Because I am a one-person operation I don’t need fancy, I need fast and easy. So try it out!
If you need collaboration it may not suit you and it doesn’t sync over the net (yet). If you need collaboration look at Project Engine it has a cool look-and-feel.
And if you need a web interface you can use PhProjekt (there is an English version, even if the origin of the project seems to be German). I tried it, but on our external QNAP server it is to slow to be workable.

The reason I fell off task management? It somehow doesn’t work for me in the way it should. I saw David Allen’s (yes the GTD one) googletalk on youtube.

And I finally gave in, into buying the book. The pink shirt instead of suit and tie helped. At least he can dress environment appropriate and he is funny. The book, by the way is too. If you have reservations about buying the book, because there is a suited guy on the cover, I can assure you, it is really funny (and helpful). He is good at telling anecdotes. That is the one thing nobody tells you about the book. The entertainment value is high, so even if you finally reject the system, you will have had a amusing time finding out why.

Yes ! I finally got to embed a You Tube video on my site. Lets see if it is as easy as it seems to be.