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I am still reading through GTD. I will probably organize my stuff with Emacs. I have worked with Emacs during my studies, I actually like it. There is something like org-mode build into Emacs 22.1 which is build on an outliner-mode and is pretty hard to describe. It is some kind of todo list, task planner plus. Plus tags, labels, agendas, something very Emacs like. Nifty, but quirky. Astonishing usable, but hard to describe. With remember, which is a kind of sticky notes for Emacs it seems to have all I need for GTD (my version ;-)). And if it doesn’t, everything is in text files and text files are portable.
I use tutorials from the net. I especially like the one from Sacha Chua , she is writing a book about Emacs and org-mode and planner-mode and blogging through Emacs. Quite fantastic, check out her whole web site. I also like this one by John Wiegley, which also has some custom views in it. And finally one from Charles Cave which is GTD inspired, but enlarges it somehow.
Now I am on a Windows machine and this spells some troubles, if one wants to use Emacs. But I hope I will get some Gnus stuff working too and hopefully route my Emails and my GMail calendar through this system. If not, we are still talking about text files, which can be produced and read in many ways.
By the way I am a little behind in reading GTD, because I have to prepare courses for the Games Academy Berlin, Mathematics for 3D programmers and I have a bad case of cold. I hate being sick.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Tools

  1. Thanks for the link! =) You’ll have lots of fun with Emacs and GTD, I’m sure.

    I frequently use Emacs on Windows, and you can get Org running just fine. If you find a nice way to handle your e-mail and Gmail calendar, please share!

    (Incidentally, you might be interested in g-client, an Emacs client for the Google API. =) )

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