More teaching …

This time, physics. We did a lot of exercises. And I told some anecdotes from the days when I was a string theorist, to catch their focus again. People are always less interested in the mundane everyday Newton stuff, they want to know about stars ( happily I actually did astrophysics in my master course) and the big void, relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory. The problem is without the math and some fundamental base knowledge, how forces work, all of this stuff is pretty hard to understand. If you don’t know how the world you sense works, relativity theory is just strange and quantum mechanics scary. Newton on the other hand can be done with a lot of drawing and some simple math.
Why are people so scared of physics ? Why is it so hard for education systems to teach, that this stuff is important everyday stuff, you actually need driving your car ? You should know how long it takes to get your car from any velocity to standing. Everybody should know and actually instinctively knows, what happens if the road is wet or iced.
Sports theory has a lot to do with physics. If you look at people in high jump competitions, try to figure out where the center of mass is. There especially, athletes use a lot of physical theory to optimally shift their center of mass to gain height. When they changed to a new jumping style some decades ago, which takes this into account, the maximum height dramatically increased.
I am pretty passionate about physics. I just think this stuff is interesting. But is also helps in everyday live, if you know where to push for maximal effect.