Got my Arduino

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I have ordered my Arduino board from dshop and some components from Zeko.
Here are the unboxing photos :

Arduino Unboxing

I have no idea what some of these components are. I bought the BoeBot refresher pack and this component mix. There are some LEDs, so I will be able to make some blinking stuff.

You can find more on the Arduino board on the official website. As you can see in the photos mine is a genuine, made in Italy, one. I just hope it didn’t come to me via the US. I am watching some tutorial videos like this one by Steven Combs and this one from makezine and I have found this tutorial by Limor. I have installed the software on my EEE PC 901, to be as mobile as possible. I forgot to order a battery pack (don’t do that) and now the Arduino needs to be plugged into the USB to have juice. Maybe I find some adapter somewhere. I will try to post about my experiments.