OpenFrameworks, Prototyping in C++

I have found an other simple way to get graphic, sound and/or interaction application done. openFrameworks tries in C++, what Processing does in Java. Processing is easier, which has a lot to do with Java, which much easier to set up and since the virtual machine mechanism is already in place, the compiling is easier.

But openFrameworks does a good job. Just unpack and you can compile the examples. Easy, as anybody, who has ever lost days to set up libraries in C++ can confirm.

The programs start on a higher level, which is something to be expected since C++ doesn’t let you hide as much as Java does and there is no way around the h/cpp file duality. But still pretty simple.

If you look for an easy way to prototype/program your graphic/audio or game in C++ instead of Java go look at it.

If you have never yet programmed, have not looked at visual studio ever and are not forced to use C++, better try Processing first. After you know how to program with classes and files and put your projects into Eclipse, you are fortified enough to tackle the vicious beast that is C++ and Visual Studio.

Some small hints :

If you want to compile everything and don’t have VisualStudio in the default directory, change the directory path in front of the vcvarsall.bat command in the .bat file in the scripts directory to the right one.

If you make your own app, make sure that the working paths (projectname->right click -> properties debug) are set right :

  • for openframeworksLib to : $(ConfigurationName)
  • for your App to : $(TargetDir)

The description how to make your new Application is in the readme.txt in the top folder. Have fun !