Tiddlywiki with math, svg, nested posts and slides in only one file

This post is about how I got (almost) the math lecture tool I need. There are still some tweaks I want to do (like finding a nice way to disable edit and hide the backstage part online), but lets start anyway …

In this post you can find what I want from my tool and why I started to try TiddlyWiki.

Since then I have formulated an addendum, my students shouldn’t need to download additional files, so everything in one file would be a must, goodbye asciencepad, you where a really great point to start.

Then after some research I found this TiddlyWiki, where James Taylor incorporated Peter Jipsen’s ASCIIMath and ASCIISvg into his TiddlyWiki. Unfortuatly saving it and trying it out gave me an error.

So I merged it with the empty TiddlyWiki from the official site. This is easy, download both files and use a diff-tool to find the differences. After <div id=”storeArea”> there is a big math-block in Taylor’s TiddlyWiki and I just copied it into the default TiddlyWiki and I was done, with the math in any case. You can get my basic Math-TiddlWiki here.

Since this is still a normal TiddlyWiki I now could install some nice plug-ins, to do that, go to the backstage area found on the top right after you downloaded and hit import.

Plug-in 1: nested sliders

Sometimes, as a teacher, you need to go deeper into a subject, you may need to show some questions, without the solution, for that I think I will use nested sliders,  you can find them in TiddlyTools.

Plug-In 2: slides

Thanks to Paulo Soares you can get a slideshow-tool here, for the plug-ins import from this link http://www.math.ist.utl.pt/~psoares/addons.html. You need the SildeShowPlugin, best also to download everything called slide show, to get the examples and probably you need the ForEachTiddlerPlugin and the ShowStarter.

I will post some more tips as I find new things and I will post my more advanced TiddlyWikis as soon as I have cleaned them up.