Short tips: Eigenharp Pico, where is Belcanto ? oder Wo ist Belcanto ?

I decided to not pressure myself into doing one big post, but I will do some short bursts. Considering the Eigenharp, I will make them in English and German, since there is not a lot of information in German.

So what is it ?

It is some kind of scripting your Eigenharp thingy, don’t know more yet.

Was ist Belcanto ?

Eine Art Skriptsprache für die Eigenharp.

Where is it ?

Not on the EigenD-Mac-Version on your USB-Stick, as of writing this post not in the stable release, you have to use the newest testing release, there you can find Belcanto in Tools -> Run EigenCommander.

Wo finde ich Belcanto ?

Nicht in der Mac-Version die auf dem USB-Stick mitgeliefert wird, auch nicht in der “stable” Version vom Netz, man muss die “testing” Version installieren und dann findet man Belcanto unter Tools -> Run EigenCommander.Tags: , , , , , , ,