Video of me playing the Eigenharp Alpha


In this video I am playing the Eigenharp Alpha. I own the instrument for approximately 3 months now and the small version, the Pico, for 6 months. It is not a normal instrument, it is more an ultra sensitive controller, as in xbox/ps3 controller. The sound is made completely by software on a laptop. In this case I used Ableton Live, but you can plug in AU, VST or Soundfonts. The Eigenharps driver software, called EigenD, has some build in instruments too. I used two of them here on the lower board to have sound I can filter in Ableton Live. The Eigenharp also comes with Camel’s Alchemy player so you can start playing right away.

The EigenD Software is open source and still evolving. I am currently trying get familiar with the code and I post stuff I think could interest other players.

You can find more information on the Eigenharp at Eigenlabs (they are in the UK).