The 3 scripts Clojure/Leiningen install for Mac to start with Overtone

(Dec 2013 this is obsolete)

The Overtone installation guide assumes that you are familiar with something called cake or leiningen or maven. I tried to install these, but just downloading the github stuff and trying to follow the instructions there, didn’t help to get things working. The READMEs were rather cryptic.

Since I was rather impatient, wanted to make music and not dig too deep into setup, I searched for easier install instructions and found this:

I didn’t get the IntelliJ working yet, but the Homebrew stuff worked

Go here:


paste the shell command and install Homebrew (needs super user password)

Then just type:

brew install clojure
brew install leiningen

And now you have leiningen and can start the overtone tutorial

Installing Overtone

You can also give “lein new” a path as second parameter to install the project there.

Hint: If you make the new project, use your editor to put the dependency in, leiningen will then actually get you Overtone. I know this is clear to me, because I am used to it, but if you are new to installing things outside of Apps you may have wondered.

I had Supercollider already installed, so I fired up an internal server, connected and got sound.